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Importance of facebook marketing

Now a days, Facebook is part of our life and it has a huge rule in our social media communication also in Marketing. But today we are going to talk about importance of facebook for marketing.

Importance of facebook 


Actually the thought behind ‘like’ marketing is easy. Capture your business online; more expressly take your business publicly networked online. Construct fan pages.Next step is, your fans following you and testing with your posts till you start being paid good number of likes. The more the likes, the better you are doing. Hear the comments by answering them; bring out a post in your company like the SMO-social media optimization officeholder. Conform the necessity of the fans so that they click on the like button. And you almost have made your client.

Intelligent marketers would see this as a chance; others will see it as over-rated technique of marketing. Like all the earlier methods that were disliked before, but proved out to be game-changers afterwards, the ‘like’ marketing would surely help enhance your business and help you in marketing the way your consumers going for liking it. And don’t forget to thanks them.

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What is social media marketing

At first we have to know that, what is social media and marking? Latest communication feed can extensively increase viewership and users activities. As an example, at what time product base website included with Facebook the visits increased by over 300% to 500%.
If you don’t have a business enlargement plan that includes social media marketing, you’re late to the dance. With social media can not only enhance reliability and build the image, but also successfully increase revenues and increase the number of clients.

 Next to actively using social media outlets such as: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn etc you can elevate attentiveness of your company to a worldwide community. Just like placing a television classified ad, some press in the worlds or going out and networking at events; Social Media is an easy way to get your company name and assignment in front of people’s eyes.
Not only do social media join you with the right people, it is also a tool that allows you to maintain interaction with the network that you have formed. Once you've recognized a connecting or formed a relationship it is then vital to create follow up impression.
More than,  45.4 percent of surveyed companies in the 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook, published by SODA (Societies of Digital Agencies) found the marketing attendance on fan page of facebook to be the most significant, and a further 42.2 percent answered as very important.

So, social media provided that chance to say their judgment. That means you are appealing in the conversation. It not just spreading your company, product or services, it’s a way to build a direct relationship between both parties.
Finally we all have to know and have to understand the importance of social media marketing.

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Bookmarking list for search engine optimization

Bookmarking is very much effecting for search engine optimizations because we know that what is search engine optimization. But is a offpage optimization way.

Bookmarking site list

Today I'm going to share with you top 100+ bookmarking sites and here is the list:

1.    http://www.delicious.com
2.    http://www.digg.com
3.     http://www.reddit.com
3.    http://www.google.com/bookmarks
4.    http://www.stumbleupon.com
5.    http://www.fark.com
6.    http://www.furl.net
7.    http://www.faves.com
8.    http://www.diigo.com
9.    http://www.gather.com
10.    http://www.bloghop.com
11.    http://www.icerocket.com
12.    http://www.newsvine.com
13.    http://www.propeller.com
14.    http://www.jumptags.com
15.    http://www.squidoo.com
16.    http://www.reddit.com
17.    http://www.slashdot.org
18.    http://www.bookmarks.yahoo.com
19.    http://www.backflip.com
20.    http://www.beanrocket.com
21.    http://www.a1-webmarks.com
22.    http://www.bibsonomy.org
23.    http://www.votedlinks.com
24.    http://www.bmaccess.net
25.    http://www.bookmarktracker.com
26.    http://www.business-planet.net
27.    http://www.connotea.org
28.    http://www.dzone.com
29.    http://www.folkd.com
30.    http://www.pixelmo.com
31.    http://www.plugim.com
32.    http://www.postonfire.com
33.    http://www.clipclip.org
34.    http://www.clipmarks.com
35.    http://www.Givealink.org
36.    http://www.linkarena.com
37.    http://uvouch.com
38.    http://yummy.printfu.org
39.    http://www.bestofindya.com
40.    http://www.veryhotlinks.com
41.    http://www.bookmarkus.eu
42.    http://www.whitelinks.com
43.    http://www.topstumbles.com
44.    http://www.pusha.se
45.    http://www.developernewz.com
46.    http://www.celebhungama.com
47.    http://www.choowawa.com
48.    http://www.cmymark.com
49.    http://www.contentpop.com
50.    http://www.catchlive.com
51.    http://www.bookmarkall.com
52.    http://www.xmaui.com
53.    http://www.bukmark.net
54.    http://www.bookmax.net
55.    http://www.bookmark-manager.com
56.    http://www.bookmarktracker.com
57.    http://www.bookmark4you.com
58.    http://www.blurpalicious.com
59.    http://www.gravee.com
60.    http://unalog.com
61.    http://www.gravee.com
62.    http://unalog.com
63.    http://www.wagg.it
64.    http://www.7878748.com
65.    http://www.web2list.com
66.    http://www.blinklist.com
67.    http://www.buddymarks.com
68.    http://www.citeulike.org
69.    http://www.multiply.com
70.    http://www.dropjack.com
71.    http://www.kaboodle.com
72.    http://www.oyax.com
73.    http://www.spurl.net
74.    http://www.shoutwire.com
75.    http://www.socialogs.com
76.    http://www.spurl.net
77.    http://www.upchuckr.com
78.    http://www.wirefan.com
79.    http://www.mister-wong.com
80.    http://www.mylinkvault.com
81.    http://www.healthranker.com
82.    http://www.indianpad.com
83.    http://www.jumptags.com
84.    http://www.getigadget.com
85.    http://www.favoor.com
86.    http://www.lilisto.com
87.    http://www.listerlister.com
88.    http://www.linksprocket.com
89.    http://www.ludicrous.ne
90.    http://www.linkvote.com
91.    http://uvouch.com
92.    http://yummy.printfu.org
93.    http://www.linkets.com
94.    https://www.chipmark.com
95.    http://www.laflink.com
96.    http://www.wists.com
97.    http://www.ambedo.com
98.    http://www.getboo.com
99.    http://www.joomocracy.com
100.    http://www.jetmarks.com
101.    http://www.ifaves.com
102.    http://www.syncone.net
103.    http://www.nowpublic.com
104.    http://www.rollyo.com

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Search engine optimization and meta tag

      Now we know that, what is search engine optimization. Meta tag  one of the important part of on- page optimization. When you will submitting a website on search engines, its robot will searching  title and the keywords content of a site.

Its easy to input on your site, whatever your site is Joomla, Wordpress, blogger.

You just have to put this code on your site and its between <head>   </head> code.

Its almost like that,

<title>Learn english online</title>Learn English Online,
<meta name="keywords" content="english grammer, spoken english, fluent english, online english course, ielts"/>
<meta name="description" content=" this is english learning site where are availble english grammer, spoken english, fluent english."/>

You just have to exchange title, keyword and descriptions. Its easy to do.
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What is search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a way to get more traffic from all kinds of search engines like as Google, Yahoo etc. And there are two kinds of SEO .First one is, On-page optimizing and second one is off-page optimization. Both are very important for get huge traffic on your website. So, when you will include those both kinds of SEO on your page then search engines will boost your site top of the pages.


Yeah it can be a good question. I just want to say, if your website now in number 7/8/10, but you want to see it on number 1 position than for that you want to consider SEO for your website. About that our SEO services can help you.

On-page SEO happens inside your webpage. Like as search engines domain and title selecting, indexing, sitemap submitting, Meta tagging, parmalink, content optimization etc.
Off-page SEO happens outside of your page. Like as backlinking, forum posting, bookmarking, commenting, social media networking, social media marketing etc.

Now our SEO services and SMM services are available for boosting your new and existing site traffic. Now also available facebook like for fan pages,twitter, youtube views and many more.

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